Granite Ranch is owned and operated by Ronnie Rains. The former owners were Jim and Macy Chionsini who purchased the ranch incrementally over the past nine years. Virtually all of the improvements have been placed on the ranch during that time frame while some older improvements have been renovated and preserved. The on-going improvements have been done in good taste and add to the natural beauty, charm, and utility of the ranch. Entertainment opportunities abound and range from a 9-hole lighted golf course, a 6-hole putting green, wildlife viewing of both native and exotic game, catch and release bass fishing in the 5-acre lake and Maynard Creek, and on occasions simply leaning on the bar in Marlintail Saloon and listening to the dance music originating from the adjacent bandstand. One thing for sure, when you are on the Granite Ranch, the water is clear, the air is fresh, and the views are breathtaking. Granite Ranch is one of the most accessible, yet remote retreats in one of the most scenic places on earth!

Granite Ranch is privately owned and operated. There is no public access.